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The SFDCP is a great way to supplement your SFERS retirement benefit. And it's important to start saving sooner rather than later. Simply follow the five steps below to secure a more comfortable future.

Think retirement planning is hard?
It doesn't have to be.

We all want a financially sound future while avoiding pitfalls and missteps along the way.
The SFDCP gives you the savings tools and investment options to help you build that future, along with guidance and insight for overcoming common challenges people face when planning for retirement.

Five Steps to Success


Get StartedEnroll in the SFDCP!

All City and County employees can take advantage of the SFDCP*.
What are you waiting for?

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*Excluding City College and Unified School District employees.


Get InformedUnderstand your SFERS benefit.

Make sure you understand your monthly SFERS retirement benefit. Log into your SFERS account and use the Benefits Calculator to see what your future benefit could be. Taking this important step gives you more time to contribute enough to the SFDCP to supplement your SFERS benefit and secure a more comfortable retirement.

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Get on TrackSee what it takes—and check your progress

A secure retirement begins with a clear understanding of how to get there. The real-time Retirement Income Calculator can help you define your goals, tell you if you may be on track to meet themand show you what to do if not. Click “Get Started” after you log in.

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Get a StrategyInvest for you

After how much you save, how you invest is the most critical factor in meeting your goals. Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or prefer expert guidance, you'll find options to meet your needs.

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Get RollingSimplify your financial life

Have other retirement accounts? Transferring them to your SFDCP account could make it easier to manage your strategyand potentially lower your costs. To learn if consolidation is right for you, talk to an onsite Retirement Counselor. Or, if you are ready to roll your eligible money into the SFDCP, access the rollover-in form.

 Meet your counselors